Born out of love for country and the old west. Hughwear demonstrates perseverance to push forward in a world that's constantly pushing back. Hughwear is the squinty-eyed gunslinger with an itchy trigger-finger. 

          What you do for a living does not define who you are, but the manner in which you live. You work on your ranch, in an office, in a factory, or on a stage: no matter. You can be a cowboy, an urban cowboy, or hell, even a space cowboy. Blaze your own trail. We’ve got a hot fire with beans on and some whiskey to share with ya’.

            Hughwear is simple, down home country coupled with a rock n' roll snarl. In life, you have to be prepared for anything; Hughwear embraces this by breakin' out the banjo and laughing at life's spontaneous randomness.

         We honor the hard working, backbreaking, gun-toting, dusty, dirty, mud and sweat covered individuals who were molded and tempered on this great land.

        What is a “Modern Gunslinger” you ask? Guns aside, it’s a person who isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right, for family, fellow man, community and country. Hughwear will not be taken quietly, the posse is strong and well armed with an arsenal of good folk who believe in the cause. 

"Find your gunslinger within" ~ Hugh

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